Urinary Tract Infection

I was diagnosed with a UTI.  I have had Kidney Stones in the past so it may be an issue with that also.  The Dr, prescribed antibiotics.  I'm not a big fan but have started taking them today and have 5 days of treatment.  I eat pretty BP and don't want to mess up my gut which has finally gotten to where I want it. Any suggestions.

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    Started a thread here: http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/9457-monitor-and-detect-urinary-tract-infections-diabetes-and-kidney-disorders/?hl=uti  and hope you post your personal findings.


    You may have to re-establish your your gut flora after taking the antibiotics and then there are plenty of threads to help you out again


    Most UTIs are caused by bacteria that live in the digestive system anyway. It is when the bacteria gets into the urethra that problems start.

    As you have had kidney stones keep away from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen for pain relief. It may cause you further complications. Maybe look up paracetamol as a better alternative.


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    And yet they gave me Ibuprofen 800 and Vicodin with the Kidney stones.

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  • When it comes to the bladder, this is one area I listen to the doctor, even at the expense of my gut. I ended up with 2 kidney infections last year, and 2 bladder infections (ouch!), because I was so healthy in the gut area it only took about 3-5 days to rebalance afterwards. Hang in there, hopefully it's not too painful! :)

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    My gut seems to be reacting fine to the Antibiotics.  I am pretty healthy there otherwise and I have been taking probiotics occasionally.  It seems it isn't 100% cleared up even with 5 days of pills so I will most likely get an ultrasound to see what my kidney are up to.  I'm sure this would all be worse if I wasn't BP diet.

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  • What did the ultrasound say? Hopefully this is long cleared up by now! 

  • My doctor recommends probiotics with antibiotics. You might try that. Skye recommends soil based probiotics.
  • You MUST cure it with antibiotics first.  You simply must.  Trust me.  Otherwise you may end up in some trouble down the road.


    D-Mannose is good as a preventative measure, as is cranberry.  Cystex for the pain and also, for prevention.


    Good luck!

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    I am still waiting for the results of the Ultrsound.  Symptoms much much better. I have started taking a bit of calcium carbonate with any suspect oxalate veggies. 

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  • Glad to hear you are doing better! Last year I was plagued by UTI's, ended up with a kidney infection.. it was the worst! Lots of water helped, plus some salt for dehydration..  seems odd to me that I ended up with a UTI from being dehydrated. 

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    UTI symptoms have gone away for good.  I make a point of adding 1/8 teaspoon to water and drink on a day when I am eating oxalates.  The symptom of vulvodynia has gone away also. Something that started with the whole Kidney stones issue 6 months ago.   When I went to the Dr. about this the first time he was more insistent I was sexually permissive and only wanted to STD check.  Now I know it had a lot to do with the Oxalates. 

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

  • Wow, doctors amaze me sometimes. Glad you are feeling better! :) 

  • My wife used to get chronic UTI when we were sexually active. It got in the middle of our sex life and she was always in pain. After she wen to the doctor and got antibiotics, she found out that she needed a solution for protecting herself against future UTIs. So before she started noticing UTI symptoms again, she tried this new product that she found at the pharmacy. She would take a tablespoon a day of this product and was able to be free of the chains of chronic UTI. Our sex life is back to how it used to be. My wife doesn't mess around with UTI, kidney stones, and bladder stones and I wouldn't either. Please check the website so you to can make sure that you don't end up with chronic UTIs.

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    D mannose works for more minor problems but baking soda works wonders. 1/2 teaspoon in at least half a cup of water, try it one day, see what happens, more often if necessary. It works even when diagnosis is negative for bacteria. The alkalinity of the urine is the factor.

    Note on UTIs associated with sex: I thought all women knew to urinate immediately after intercourse to clear the urethra of bacteria. ?? Apparently this did not work for her?

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