Pre/post Workout Supplements

I've been getting more into the gym lately and have started to look at pre and post workout supplements to help with workout intensity and results. I've come across various products on Xbrain, mainly Onnit and Natural Stacks which look good, but I was wondering if anybody else has tried these brands and whether they would qualify as BP?


Onnit seem to do a lot of similar products to those found in the BP store such as their own low toxin coffee and MCT oil etc. Natural stacks do a protein powder that includes whey, collagen and colostrum from grass fed cows. It's pretty expensive but it sounds good from all the marketing stuff on the site.


I've also been experimenting with Nootropics for a little while, so I guess I'm not strictly BP at all, especially at this time of year (Christmas), but I do try to follow most of the BP principles (good quality low toxin meat, organic veg, intermittent fasting etc)


  • Pre workout black coffee is best. Post workout whey protein 50 grams and 25 gram organic rice dextrose.
  • I take exactly the same. I tried 50g of each, but it was sickly sweet. So: 50g grass fed whey. 25g dextrose. Thanks to forum members for the advice that got me to this.
  • I have used Unfair Advantage which increases my strength during workout as well as help with endurance.

    Also after workout it helps to reduce my recovery time.

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