Unable To Bp Fast - Suggestions?

I love the No-Fail Fat Loss protocol, but I started taking doxycycline twice daily and when I take my morning dose with just BPC, I feel very nauseated. As a full-time working mom, I can't afford to be sick every morning. Any recommendations for a breakfast that won't thwart my efforts? Preferably without eggs? I'm sensitive to them. I'm 20# over my ideal weight and *nothing* really works. After the 10 days of No-Fail I lost 1# which promptly came back. I've tried pretty much everything from ketogenic to vegan, but have been mostly paleo since 2011. I'll be on the doxy for at least 4 weeks.


Thanks for any tips!



  • It is thought that woman generally have a more difficult time fasting than men. The argument being that in Paleolithic times the men would go out and hunt while the woman stayed back and took in food and rested. This was especially true while the woman was pregnant of nursing.


    My suggestion to you is to do the following things:


    - eat a ketogenic breakfast in the morning, and take your doxy

    - detoxify your body with calcium d glucarate, milk thistle, chlorella, glutathione, monolaurin, and charcoal. I recommend gentle dosages, especially on days when you are working. Charcoal may bind to supplements. These supplements will take care of lots of mycotoxins, heavy metals, environmental estrogens, and general toxicity that may be keeping you from losing fat.

    - Look into a possible thyroid problem, as it is very common for women. Hypothyroidism will likely keep you overweight. Refeed carbs every few days and consider having a couple servings of starch each night.

  • Sorry I am new to this,

    - what is a ketoni con breakfast?

    - what is charcoal? How is it taken? Is it ok for fertility?
  • "Ketogenic breakfast" refers to a breakfast that has the right macronutrient ratios to keep you in the fat burning state called ketosis. This would probably be high fat, moderate protein, and low carb.


    Charcoal is an ancient remedy that is used to bind a vast array of toxins in the body. Dave's coconut charcoal product is probably the best on the market, and comes in capsule form. 


    As far as fertility goes, it shouldn't be a problem. In fact, a lack of toxins in the body should make one more fertile.

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