Good Tool To Make Openings In Vegetables To Let More Better Seep Into Them?

It tastes better when the butter is in the vegetables as opposed to just on the coating. For broccoli it is easy because the butter soakes the heads.


But let's say for asparagus- is there a way aside from chopping the asparagus or poking some holes with a fork for 20 minutes to make openings in vegetables to let more better seep into them?


  • This is more of a technique than a tool, but I always use the stove to lightly steam my brussel sprouts, broccoli, and whatnot. Then after they come off, I drain the water down and add Kerry Gold right on to the vegetables. I then eat them right away or I blend them into a soup. Fantastic tasting. Seems really basic, but just in case someone did not think to do this, I thought I would contribute.

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    You must have phenomenal taste buds if you can tell the difference between butter in and butter on broccoli.

    I echo these other handsome devils though; blend them.

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  • How do you like melt/warm the butter?


    I've been boiling the vegetables and melting the butter on a low heat pan. It takes maybe less than 5 minutes to melt then I turn off the heat. 


    I have some asparagus. It is starting to go bad my family says though I can't tell very easily. What are some sight/smell tests you can do on these vegetables to determine when to trash them?


    Bok Choy


    STring beans

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