Crossfiter And New To Bb Diet

Hi there. Just finished reading the book and spent the last three days on researching Bp Forum. I have some questions before I know what to order and do it correctly. Everyone is so helpful here. I can't wait to be part of this bp team.

My husband and I own the CrossFit and Martial arts club, so we workout every day sometimes 2x a day ( my hubby works out in am and teaches martial arts at night)

I do the same sometimes. I'm more concern about me here haha My hubby has to read the book first but he listens to the broadcast every day so he knows what's up :-)

My usual morning starts at 7:30 with 2tbs ACV and water followed by cup of coffee with full fat coconut milk and cinnamon. Then workout around 9 am ( warm-up with some gymnastics, then some kind of heavy lift, followed by WoD about 10-20 min). Then home for lunch ( we have a window b/w classes) around 11ish till 2:30 and back at home around 9pm. I'm 95% paleo (cheat on the weekends haha)

Question:if I'm doing IF. Is it ok to have bp coffee before working out? Protein shake? Do I add anything else to it? When do I have lunch? How much should I eat? And it's ok to eat that late 9pm?


P.S. I'm 35 y/o


  • If you are working out 2x a day and doing Crossfit and are a WOMAN... I highly recommend adding carbs at least 100-200 per day depending on your height and body weight and NOT IFing or you are risking your hormones and adrenals getting F%#ed up.....

  • Thanks Megs1768. I'm 5.6 and after this holidays I gain so much haha so I'm now at 165# yikes :-/
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