Minor Surgery Coming Up

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Hi folks,


In February I'm going to have a minor surgery.  The top of my heel bone takes a sharp curve and causes pain on my achilles tendon.  Doing too much jumping and crazy cardio stuff started it becoming inflamed about a year ago (done with that).  Every step I've taken for the last year has hurt.  After 3 heavy duty steroid shots to try and get some relief, it's time to take care of it for good.  The doctor is going to knock off the top of the heel bone so my achilles won't rub on it anymore.


Luckily, it can be done with a local, so they don't have to put me under.


I'm hoping some of the well-informed folks here can give me some opinions on what supplements might help speed the recovery process both before and after the procedure.  I'll use some MCT oil on the incision area.  That has helped on other general cuts in the past.  My diet is very bulletproof and will continue to be.


Recovery should really only be about 3-4 weeks, so I'm not too worried about it.  But, it's always nice to get opinions on what others would do.




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