Looking for some advice: Ive been sick for the last 4 years. I had 7 sinus surgeries and have seen over 45 doctors. none of which has helped me. I came across a doctor about 8 months ago that has really helped me feel better. He started me on nystatin, which helped clear up my on going sinus infection. Also a thyroid med called natural thyroid, and a hand full of vitamins that brought my levels to normal. Im feeling better but not back to normal. We have been doing tests on my testosterone. First test was at 261,  2nd was at 401. I was told it should be 400-1200. He was wanting me to take a testosterone pill but my insurance wouldn't cover it and it was $800 a month. so he suggested shots 100m every 2 weeks...... Im just worried that it might be a bad decision. This doctor has changed me life so much I want to think its the right thing to do but I don't know. Ive gotten lot of positive advice from this form. what do you think? 



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    I was in a similar boat and I got the injections.  Completely changed my life for the better.  You will be amazed at how much more energy you will have , higher sex drive and sleep better.  Also, you will gain some more muscle too if you are working out which never hurts.  

  • FTI -- I supplemented with testosterone for a few years.   A problem can emerge if you boosted testosterone converts to estrogen.  Aromatase inhibitors like Arimedix or Letrozole can help.


    In my experience, when I moved to a Bulletproof diet with intermittent fasting I raised my testosterone levels significantly and have stopped testosterone supplementation.  Calcium D-Glucarate also works similarly to aromatase inhibitors to balance things out properly.


    Good luck

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