Recommended use of Upgraded Whey

Hello everyone,

I have a question (several actually) about the new product that was recently released, Upgraded Whey. It seems to be a lot different from the Whey Proteins I've seen around. I haven't taken it much before so this just might be my limited experience.

What is the recommended use for this? How much should you take as part of a bulletproof diet? As a supplement for muscle gain, should it be taken before or after a short intensive workout?

Thanks in advance!


  • Is there a suggested recipe? This is also very different from the powders that I have used in the past. I have been doing 2-5 tablespoon with 2 raw eggs, 2 tblspoons mct oil, and some water and ice blended... It fills me up for lunch, but is not very pallatable. I'm interested in the upgraded cocoa and vanilla, but know that's not out yet... I tried adding a paleo protein powder, but that defeats the purpose, plus gives me more stomach upset. Also, in general, is it okay to add the whole eggs, or better to add jus t the yolks? I'm new to the raw egg thing. Thanks.
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