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hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

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In regards to creatine timing and the nootropic effect. Does it need to be consumed prior to the activity or do the effects build up in the body similar to its use for athletic purposes. In training timing is about absorption of creatine.


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  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    I was thinking something of the sorts. Was figuring storing of creatine occured at the muscular level (with the IM water increase and all), would not be that useful for brain function.

    I basically poured my creatine in my collagen to take in the morinings and have capped some for preactivity. There are so many valuable in my performance that I cant isolate the effect of much. Searching for guidance on timing.

  • I've started taking it as part of my 'morning hydration & suppliments' routine.

  • Well i take it before my workout. I have a blend that i bought that has about 5 different kind. Very good for working out. 

  • Monohydrate is the most studied! But it doesn't mean your body will absorb it correctly or that the quality of the monohydrate is the same from every manufacture. If your gonna use monohydrate make sure it has creapure on the label. Best time to take it is post workout with carbs so it can store in your muscles and be used when needed. A couple creatine I really like are the Creatine glycerol phosphate the blend is awsome you defineltly feel it working i like to use that as a pre because the formula gives you an awsome boost and pump, plus there's no bloat or loading phase, 2nd fav would be gnc amplified creatine it's monohydrate binded with hcl to help absorb the creatine and there's also MCT in there. Last is BPI creatine alkaline I like it cause I don't get the bloat, but I do feel a definit strength gain.
  • As far as noortropic effect goes it's not that much of a noticeable difference. You would gain a lot more benefits from eating grass fed steak over 5gs of creatine a day. If your a straight vegetarian it will cause tremendous effects but IMO since being on it from age 15-20 it's just alright, the muscle building properties of it out way the noortropic effect all day.
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