Nootropics Cycle Off

Hello Everyone, 


Happy New Year to everyone. I have a question for you guys. I decided to get off all nootropics off and see how it made me feel. If things would change, and YES it has. I'm tired all the time, and some times I can't focus right. Going back to my day dreaming, and not lagging on doing stuff at work. Question are below. 


1. How long did you wait until you started again? 

2. Once you started over did you start where you left off or did you start by taking only one nootropics? 

3. If you were on a stack for months do you go back to that stack at the amount you left off? 


Hopefully someone of you could help me. i was thinking of starting it today once again. Can't really handle feeling this way. Don't know if a whole week of being clean was long enough or not. 


Any kind of feedback would be awesome! 




  • Louie77Louie77
    edited January 2015

    Well it's been about 2 weeks now that I been clean. It was hard at first, and I did notice the difference when i didn't take them. I think i'm going to start my stack again when I first started. 


    Piracetam 1500mg x 2 

    Aniracetam 800mg x 2 

    Oxiracetam 800mg x 2 

    Alpha-GPC 250 x 1 



    Pramiracetam 250m x 2 Ran out of it but should be getting it this week. for now i'm just taking the four above.


    Since I don't really get headaches I'm going to take alpha once a day. We will see how that goes for a full week. I'm going to stick with this stack for about 2 weeks. Maybe change it if I need to. 


    If you have any feedback please let me know if I need to make any changes. 


    Thanks again for the help.

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