7 Day Water Fast To Cure Sick Building Syndrome



I've been living in buildings riddled with black mold for over two years and am convinced that i've developed an auto immune response from it. 


To remediate this. I've done what I can to illuminate exposure to black mold and now I'm undertaking a 7 day water fast to detox form the time i spent within the environment. 


Any thoughts?


It's currently the end of day 1.


  • Welcome to the Bulletproof forum, mwingapo! If you don't get responses from other forum members, you might try searching the forum for mold- and detox-related topics to see if you can get some answers.

    Also, your issue seems pretty serious. While detoxing might seem like a good idea, have you considered moving? Your post seems to indicate that you are still in the moldy building, so detoxing might simply be a tail-chasing exercise.

    Again, welcome. If you need technical assistance, let the moderators know.


    BP Moderator
  • If you still live in the environment with it then you won't get better, sorry to say.

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