Bulletproof Restaurants In Sf

I'll be spending a week in San francisco and would love some ideas for bulletproof restaurants. Also will be with family who like to eat at the nicest, fanciest of places. Any recommendations for casual as well as super nice places that, at the very least, would be amenable to accommodating to gluten free and dairy free dishes? 




  • I can't believe we have no recommendations here yet! I'm sure a little Yelping will find you lots of things. I'd try "gluten free" and "grass fed" and maybe "organic" and "sustainable" as starting points for searching. 


    Don't know if it's still there, but Zuni was a fave of mine back in the day. Super fun, lots of oysters, amazing caesar salad, great bloody mary (not too BP I know) but all around great quality and I bet you'd find things there to eat. Smack in the middle of the city, on Market Street near Hayes Valley. It's on the upscale side of the spectrum. 

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    Nopa and Nopalito are the only two I can vouch for. Make a reservation for Nopa. Around here, there are a number of pasture fed options. The link above goes into detail.

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  • Prather Ranch take-out counter in the Ferry Building has a "paleo burger" 

    There are many restaurants that have good options but very little that would be considered "bulletproof" by strict standards.

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