Optimal Basic Stack For An 8 Year Old Boy With A Few Health Problems?



I was wondering if I could get advice on a good basic stack for my 8 year old son? He is a very picky eater and has a very sweet tooth. He likes cheese but it is not always easy to get him to eat meat and I am not sure if he is getting all the nutrients he should. He is short for his age (me and his father are not tall), but I am not sure if he is reaching his optimum growth/height because he has very bad asthma and has to take steroids which can stunt growth. He is very pale and always looks quite tired but has quite a lot of energy. He is extremely skinny (almost off the centile weight chart) but does quite a bit of exercise. He also has mild eczema and can be quite moody/is very sensitive about things and cries easily. 


What would be a good basic supplement stack for him?


I am currently giving him 400IU of vitamin D per day (cholicalciferol) in olive oil. He also has a coconut oil capsule ever day.


In the past I have tried a regimen of zinc, probiotics and iron as I have read this can help picky eaters but I didn't notice much difference. 

I also give him magnesium but am inconsistent with this (as trying to find the right type for him, normally citrate or gluconate).


Can anyone give me any advice on a good, basic stack that would optimise his health and improve his mood?


Thank you.


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