Biotoxin Disease

24% of the population have a defective detoxification gene. This is called Biotoxin Disease. I am one of those people and have been through a roller coaster myself, until I discovered what was going on. There are MANY, MANY help sites for mold, but none of them address this basic fact that 24% of the population has gene defects and simply cannot get mold and other toxins like food additives, alcohol etc. out of their bodies. These toxins accumulate and no matter what we do, we get worse and worse.


There is an immense body of knowledge on Dr. Shoemaker's website, where you can also find certified physiciansto help you detoxify the mold--and it is entirely possible. Dr. Shoemaker's website has a VCS test on the website ($15), which you should do first. If you fail this test, save the PDF of the test and contact one of the certified doctors. This VCS test is also a test you take throughout treatment. Your numbers will improve as your body detoxes. It will take time, but it works. Don't be alarmed that this test is a eye-test--that's totally weird, I know--but it is a very effective (and affordable) way of tracking recovery. For example, I was well on my way to recovery when my VCS numbers got worse again. We then notices that the mold we thought we had remediated had returned. You will also be given references to testing your environment for mold because you must first identify where the mold is coming from and completely eliminate it (or move).


I was really excited to get my hands on Dave's research. I have never been able to drink coffee, but am doing wonderfully on Dave's product. The Biotoxin Disease community need to know about this book!


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    24% of the population have a defective detoxification gene - No, hard proof it is that high. It might even not be genetics in most of those projected people, just lack of minerals like molybdenum.


    VCS test  - inaccurate, too many variables including, monitor contrast, lighting, etc.


    I appreciate Shoemaker's work but some of the information he puts out is not backed at all.


    He also recommends Actos in his regimen, and Dave also says its safe. Google Actos, tell me it is safe? Why is it banned in Europe?

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  • I'm also one of the 24% and have been seeing a Shoemaker certified doc to recover. Despite having CIRS my VCS test was normal so I only retested myself once after remediation and starting CSM. After reading your post I'm thinking I should do it periodically just to track my progress and monitor things. I've also been re exposed to mold twice that I know of and my recovery has been slow. I still think my car is an issue and I found someone that cleans carpets using equipment and cleaning solution recommended by shoemaker. I just have to wait until the weather warms up to do it.

    I believe there is also a more comprehensive VCS test you can do on line that is free but I lost the link and info on this. Anyone else know? I told my eye doctor about CIRS and the VCS screening I took on line. This test can be done in a more standardized manor at the doctors office but I don't really see the point unless we are doing research. I see it as an inexpensive way to track progress.

    I wish you the best in your journey to health!
  • Sorry to hear about your biotoxin illnesses. Thanks for the info. What does a lack of molybdenum do and where does one find it? I have a doctor wanting me to come in for a VCS test, after paying $400 for starters. Hopefully I can find another way to figure out what is going on with me. It seems everything to do with mold issues is a bit sketchy.

  • Hey @rmw


    Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with biotoxin illness. Are you using a certified shoemaker doctor? it doesn't sound like it by your last post. I think it's a good start, while not a complete answer - certainly has helped me. The labs were the most expensive part of it - unfortunately they're still highly specialized/ low use, thus high price.


    I'd recommend you are careful about which sites you read, information you use etc - there's a big mix of googleable information on areas like mold, lyme etc.. and you can easily waste hours trying to learn something with no scientific basis.. or worse months with treatment.


    @john brisson, I think you missed that rmw is referring to the HLA-DR genes that are counted as 24% of the population. This is a stat related to immunity, not detoxification. While I'm not a believer that 24% of the population are mold susceptible (we don't have 1 in 4 people biotoxin ill), I do think it puts you in the pool of people who could be affected under the *wrong* conditions.

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  • any thoughts on Dr Rea who has been treating environment illness for 30 yrs ?  

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