Crio Bru Cocoa Beans In Bpc--Magic!

edited January 2015 in Bulletproof Coffee

Hey I just wanted to share that i've been trying out this newer product Crio Bru.  It is single batch Cocao Beans from different origins and some have added spices/etc.  I've been brewing it 50/50 along with my BPC beans.  It provides even more mental clarity, even less jittery, and a nice chocolate twist to the coffee.  I sometimes even throw in Vanilla powder before blending ...its magic!!!    I have also used just the cocoa beans brewed for late afternoon / after dinner  so I can sleep later and not be too wired.   The theobromo in the cocoa goes good with the caffeine in the coffee nice and level buzz!  Also to note is that its not added into the finished product it brews with the beans.  This makes for a coffee like consistency not a Hot coco type consistency with adding cocoa powder...


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