Help For Spouse's Night Shift Sleep Patterns

I'm hoping you folks can give me some recommendations.  My wife, (who rolls her eyes when I talk about this bulletproof stuff) is a nurse who works two 12-hour night shifts per week. As you can imagine, her sleep patterns are all screwed up and she rarely gets restful sleep (which leads to more eye-rolling and worse, lol.)  What are some simple things I can offer her to help with the constant interruption to circadian rhythm, and improve the quality of the sleep she does get?


  • It's tough I worked night shift for 5 years. The biggest problem to overcome is one her off days does she still sleep during the day or try to sleep at night? Try all the hacks listed here for sleep but the most important issue is having the same sleep pattern every day! The best hack is to find a day shift job which shouldn't be too hard as a nurse
  • Good morning! I'm about to embark on my journey to becoming Bulletproof, very excited! I also work 12-hour night shifts.....three 7p-7a shifts back to back. I'm asking for guidance on how to incorporate the BP diet into this work schedule. I know it's important to keep a consistent schedule for the diet and the restorative sleep.

    Any and all suggestions are much appreciated!
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