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I recently broke into the field of nootropics after having a less then stellar first semester of college. It was riddled with hours and hours of studying with little to no positive results, this caused anxiety, and lowering of my self esteem in all aspects of my life. However this winter break I have got back in shape, rested up, and cracked into nootropics and am ready to bust it out next semester.


I recently tried piractam and CDP choline the last two weeks and had success with concentration and verbal fluency.


I decided to stock up on some stronger supplements before going back to school. I ordered as follows: in bulk powder


Citicoline 25g

Rhodiola Rosea 25g

Alcar 100g

Pramiractam 25g

noopept 5g


along with about 60g left of piractam.


Now with multivitamins, fish oil, healthy diet,sleep, and exercise aside.


What daily dosage/stack do you experienced nootropicer's suggest for the following needs


1)Increased focus, concentration, and learning ability of the concepts of the topics such as Calculus, Chemistry, and intro engineering courses.

2)Anti-anixety( Verbal fluency)

3) Mood enhancement

4) Memory


I appreciate any and all advice...Thankyou



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    Add in Gabawave, Pure Encaps B Complex plus, Seeking Health sublingual b12, and curcumin. Check this out as well (

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    Eat and sleep well. Give up sugar and wheat and seed oils. Supplement B vitamins, selenium, good magnesium, ALA, ALCAR, Unfair Advantage.

    Try Gabawave (phenibut) for OCCASSIONAL anxiety.

    Tell your doctor you work nights and get a script for Nuvigil

  • Aniracetam is good to have in the stack for improving the mood and increasing relaxation, just watch the caffeine intake, not too much when taking this one.

  • Hi amarsh213,

    I'm also a college kid looking into nootropics as of just recently; and I'm timidly looking into piracetam or aniracetam . . . . I'm not sure . . .


    I'm wondering if you have any advice, after trying so many new things in your stack, for a newcomer who's currently in your shoes from when you first started?  How's your performance been with everything?  It'd be cool to hear your story ^_^ !  And which things you think worked the best for you so far . .


    Thank you!


    background, open to nootropic suggestions:

    - 21-yr-old female undergrad, high stress, crossfit frequently

    - supplements - vit D & C, fish oil, B-complex, Mg, collagen-tryptophan cocktail every night (recovering from chronic insomnia)

    - diet - actively trying to maintain ketosis, brain octane all the time, general paleo/bulletproof

  • For anyone new to Nootropics Piracetam+Choline Source+ALCAR is a great stack... 

    • It's very efficacious, lots of human studies backing it up
    • It's cheap
    • The tolerance curve is near none-existant

    However, there's a bit of a Protocol that should be followed... [media][/media]

  • From my personal experience. I would take either Noopept or Pramiracetam by itself. Do not combine the two. I got headache and brain fog the few times I tried it. WOULD NOT DO IT AGAIN! 


    If you want to stack I would recommend.


    Noopept + Choline/ALPHA GPC  


    Pramiractam + Choline source/ALPHA GPC


    Just my two cents


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