Weird Aniracetam Reaction With Bpc?

I recently started using aniracetam and noticed some interesting effects. I usually have it In the morning with bpc, go to the gym (weights/cardio), then head off to work. I noticed I get this strange feeling where I'm relaxed but have bouts of anxiousness. I think I may discontinue use because I feel like the caffeine gets me up and the aniracetam slows me down. It doesn't seem like its a good idea for my heart. Has anyone else experienced this or can shed any light? I love nootropics and really wanted to implement this one. Also, I take choline with it in addition to vitamin c, k, d, b12, magnesium, copper, folate, vitamin a, krill oil, and selenium although not all at the same time.


  • Well I had that once and it stopped. I think the best bet is for you to try taking aniracetam without coffee for a week or couple days and see how that goes. Then start out with a very small coffee cup or you could even take it about 30mins or 1 hour late. See if that helps you.

  • I would try that but am beyond giving up coffee at least in this life time lol. I would get killer headaches for weeks and wouldn't be able to work. So it is common to take bpc and coffee at the same time without any issues? I have bpc and CILTEP all the time with good results.
  • I take Aniracetam in the morning with my BP coffee most days (along with noopept and many other things) . I haven't noticed the effect you mention. If I remember correctly Ani is fat soluble, so taking it with butter and MCT  is a good thing. 


    However if you're getting this weird effect, try waiting until mid-morning to take the Ani and see if that helps. 

  • I am currently experimenting with Aniracetam as well and have also noticed the same reaction as you did the first few times I took it, it subsided eventually though.


    Personally I get much better results from Piracetam, have you tried that yet?

  • Have you tried adding L-theanine to your stack to take the edge off the caffeine?  Do a little searching of coffee and L-theanine which should shed some light on this one.


    I've actually experienced what you are discussing, and I lowered my coffee portion and increased the Ani a bit, added the theanine and this seemed to bring about a relaxed calm but focused feeling.

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