Brain Fog

Hi Folks,


i´m currently reading Daves new Bulletproof Diet Book and followed his advice to drink a glass of lukewam water with a tablespoon of Himalaya salt (every day at about 6am). Half an hour later i enjoy my bulletproof coffee (original recipie). I experienced slightly signs of brain fog and headaches about an hour later.  Does anyone experienced likewise symptons? I´m drinking bulletproof coffee for about a year now and had never symptons like this. :???:





  • A whole tablespoon of salt? Do you realize that's about 18 grams of salt, about twice the daily amount you should be consuming in total? Did you just mistype it, or misunderstood the dosage?


    I take 4 grams sea salt when I wake-up in a glass of water, that's a little over half a TEAspoon. I prepare the solution for the next day just after I drank it, so it sits in a glass jar for 24 hours - saves time waiting for it to dissolve in the morning.


    I have brain fog all the time, with or without salt, so I can't tell if its causing it :)

  • Scroll a bit down. Same topic
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