Best Supplement I Found To Take With Bulletproof Coffee

Guys I wanted to share a wonderful supplement that has been out for 20 plus years.  I'm pretty big into the bodybuilding community and this brand (Beverly International) is what a lot of the pros supplement with before shows.  And this one particular product "lean out"  has been a non stimulant staple in the arsenal to fat loss before shows or in the off season to keep fat at bay eating lots of fatty foods.   I have found that it goes with BPC like peas and carrots.  It has fat digesting ingredients,  it helps use fat for energy, helps with blood sugar, ketosis and the final thing that it does that I have found is increase brain function/clarity even further.  I added this about a week ago and im semi lean but my abs are always slightly covered with a fat layer ... well I'm seeing my abs again and I haven't seen them in a while...  I also been taking one with each meal too.  They are relatively cheap $20-25 120 tabs  which at 3-4 a day is a month to 40 days.


here is a link to their site so worth the $20 bucks!!  PS I have no affliation with these people but the supplement are Fantastic.


Mass aminos are great too as you can pop them in the AM with the coffee and they are predigested protein hydrolsate which are basically broken down into natural amino acids so you can supplement your coffee with predigested protein to keep your muscle during ketosis during the fast in the morning...



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