Article Attacking Bulletproof Coffee : "how Bulletproof Coffee Shoots You In The Foot" (Www.


  • i was pleasantly surprised to see dave had a response to this article on facebook. basically the article argues that we need protein in the morning, and dave points out that he agrees some people benefit from protein but there's tons of research to show that fasting is good for some people too. 

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    Yeah, when it comes to nutrition, many people have this one size fits all mentality. People need to realize that our bodies all handle things a little differently, what works for me may not work for you. You can follow some basic concepts but when it comes down to it you have to find what works for you.


    Then some people even take it to a political level with veganism or what they feel is sustainable (fact based or not)


    Personally, I have found a BP breakfast has worked well for me for nearly a year now. As I've gotten leaner and more active I have had to slowly increase my carbs though.

  • Read the article. Same old already debunked argument that a good breakfast prevents overeating later. Hahaha, the opposite appears the case (sorry, haven't got the reference ready, but it is fairly recent). And than the tryptophane and serotonin argument. If you browse a bit on the site of Dr Ray Peat,, you will find info on serotonin and its precursor tryptophane that runs counter to what we have been told all the time. Ray Peat is a scientist with huge expertise in endocrinology and ageing. He makes a case against serotonin, because it lowers metabolism and actually acts as a depressant. If you want to take tryptophane, you'd better take it in the evening, it seems to promote sleep.
  • Every nutritionist is trying to debunk Dave's work now.  The worst is this guy Alan Aragon.  He seems to just spend his day on social media mocking Dave's stuff.  Dudes been at it for 15yrs and writes for Men's Health (a piece of crap magazine).

    Dave shows up and becomes an overnight hit.


    Methinks there are some grumpy, disgruntled and jealous nutritionists out there.


    Healthy Home Economist is also feeling some butt hurt jealousy I bet.



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    The worst is this guy Alan Aragon.

    Oh, don't even get me started on him. He's the patron saint of the forums (which I haven't visited in ages lol) and I can't tell you how many times I've had people link me his ridiculous "debunking" lectures for the paleo diet.

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