Taking Coffee - Good Or Bad?

Is coffee good to take?


While making bpc I use green tea instead of coffee.


Coffee contains higher amount of caffeine and its a stimulant. I know it can give good boost at the morning but later we'll build tolerance for it.


I'm not addicted to coffee and I don't crave for it. Should I start taking coffee or I'm better off without it?


  • You have to test it and see how your body responds to the caffeine. Simple as that.


    Some have a genetic predisposition for metabolizing caffeine quickly and some have a slow burn.


    You'll know pretty quick which category you're in by how your body responds to it.


    If you're dealing with adrenal issues I'd lay off it entirely.

  • Actually, there are some conditions when it's wiser to avoid coffee.

    Caffein stimulates the stress hormone cortisol. When you are stressed, or suffering from autoimmune problems, upregulating cortisol is not a good idea.

    Coffee stimulates gastric acid production, some people are quite sensitive.

    Coffee consists of seeds and contains antinutrients like phytic acids.

    The fats in coffee, while being anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory can promote cardiovascular disease. Depends on how you prepare it, paper filters absorb most of them.

    If you eat plenty of veggies, you don't need the antioxidants in coffee, which are also present in tea, albeit in lower concentrations.

    Moderate use of coffee is probably OK, but even in moderate habiitual coffeedrinkers inflammatory cytokines are elevated. Most of this is discussed in The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne. The cardiovascular effects you find (inter alia) in http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mnfr.200400109/anstract. Or google coffee cardiovascular health
  • Thank you Maureen. I was considering to have coffee everyday for cognitive benefits.

    It seems the downside overweighs the positive benefits.
  • 43 years old and I just started drinking coffee thanks to BPC. I initially started using it with green tea as well but didn't like that as much. I just didn't get the same energy kick which I need for work when using tea.

    I travel 3 weeks of every month and have found it easier to use coffee if I happen to run out of grounds instead of tea. This is all international travel so most places have descent stuff in the hotel rooms as a last resort.

    I am glad I switched and started drinking coffee. It has allowed me to virtually stop drinking diet soda and does a great job regulating my appetite when on long international trips.
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