Bp Supplies In Orlando

karenkaren "Say your 3 S's: Star, Smile, Strong!"
In flight attendant training for 5 weeks and wanted to give a shout out to BP peeps in Orlando!

How do I know you are here?

Because I went to the Walmart closest to my hotel and there were about 50 bars of Salted Kerrygolds on the shelf and only TWO Unsalteds! Lol. :)

And there is a local grassfed meat store! It makes hotel dwelling more bearable than expected here....got my beans, butter, and Bullet and I'm set!


  • Karen, hi!  I live in the Orlando area!  I can find Kerrygold butter, but I haven't found grass fed beef anywhere except Whole Foods which is way too expensive for me.  Where did you find it? .....Linda

  • Linda, I get mine at Publix under the brand name Strauss.  It is pricey, but I can split up one steak into two meals and one pack of ground beef into 3 or 4 burgers.  You may also be able to find Strauss beef at Target being sold under the brand Chiappetti.


    Strauss beef is the only one I've seen that is grass fed and grass finished; and important distinction.  A brand that says grass fed but does not specifically say grass finished may still be taken to a feed lot and finished on corn.

  • Thanks, Scott!  I will definitely check that out at Publix.

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