Ces Advice?

Hi, I happen to have an Alpha-Stim 100, which is a 2002 model, in good working condition (crazy luck at good will).


It comes with "probes" for somatic pain relief, and ear-clips for CES.


I'm interested in the CES but not quite sure how or how long to use it. There are various options, mainly three frequency options:

0.5Hz, 1.5Hz, or 100Hz, and a current dial that goes from 10uA to 600uA.


The basic instructions in the manual I believe suggest 20-60 minutes daily, 1.5Hz, at 600uA, if tolerable.


I am interested what someone experienced with CES thinks about this unit, the various options, a possible schedule for use etc.


I'm interested in basic nootropic effects, improved mood, cognition, attention, sleep quality, etc.


Attached is a waveform for this device.


(I think it uses a pretty eccentric waveform, they describe it as "Bipolar asymmetric rectangular waves, 50% duty cycle, 0 net current"


ces.jpg 32.7K
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