Best "unfair Advantage" Strategy For Cramming For Test This Weekend?

Cramming for a "Boring Ass" Cisco certification this weekend (Jan 24th Saturday). Have gone over all the material already. At this point doing the finishing touch of studying test dump questions (don't just me :) )


I have a box of Unfair Advantage. Wondering what the best strategy is? I don't mind using the box up between now and then. 


Have been getting up 2 hours early daily and hitting the study for 2 hours. Trying to get a little in during the evenings also. 






  • Test dumps... mmmmm  :shock:  :-P  ... be careful with those... Anyways I tried doing the same thing when I took my MCSA cert... Didn't really help me taking any nootropics the week before because it has to be in your system for a while. But some people are different. "unfair advantage" what kind of are those? lol... 


    Good luck on taking the exam i know that cert if very hard and stuff. A lot of reading material you have to go over. Keep us updated .

  • I have 1 x Vial Unfair Advantage on empty stomach - then 30 mins later - full strength BPC with 2 x Alpha Brain followed by second vial of Unfair Advantage when BPC is finished. This combination works very very VERY well. Unfair advantage really only started to show results after three or four days in.

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