Breaking Up Sleep Schedule For Max Productivity?

I am at a crossroads. I love the idea of getting up early in the morning to prepare for the day, do my morning ritual and get the day started. 6:30AM seems to be the optimal time for me to accomplish this. 




To this point in my life I am programmed as a night hawk. I seem to be able to do some of my most focused/best work late at night past 11pm. 



I was thinking of perhaps, setting a bed time around 1-2am ... wake up time stays at 6:30am to get the morning productivity portion of my day. Then perhaps setting a 1-3pm "nap time" so I can still manage to stay up later at night? 


As I type this it seems crazy but I find I am least productive during those afternoon hours anyways and most productive at the bookends of my day. 


Not sure if anyone has tried something similar to this ? Just looking for anyones thoughts, advice etc... 


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