My Starter Kit Has Been Ordered

It will soon begin. I have ordered my starter kit and located a place to purchase KerryGold nearby. I am excited!



  • You should be!!!   Being bulletproof is kinda fun, although you'll find yourself watching what other people pick out in the grocery store and CRINGE.  Hahaha!   I almost slapped a "healthy low-fat"  artificial sugar laden yogurt out of my friend's hand the other day.  ACK!!!

  • I ordered mine last night! My husband and I are trying it together. Woot! Woot!
  • My shipment isn't expected to arrive until Thursday, Feb. 5

    In the meantime, I bought my grass fed butter (funny I didn't know butter ate grass LOL). I made a cup this morning using my regular coffee and it was pretty good after I added a few drops of stevia. Can't wait to try the real deal with my brain octane!!

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