Barometric Pressure Headaches

Since I've been on the BP diet I have not had any headaches. Before BP I would get dull, low grade headaches frequently.    Yesterday I got hit with a migraine, couldn't eat at all except for some broth last night.   Sometimes they can last a couple of days.  I'm fine now.


I've tried just about every food fix, juice fix, naturopathic remedy, acupuncture, yoga trick out there.  The only thing that seems to work is ice packs, water when I can keep it in, and rest.  I don't do meds well, so steer clear of the prescriptions western medicine docs wanna give me.


Just wanted to ask if anyone else deals with aches/pains/headaches from weather changes, and, if so, what has worked for you.   


Also, does anyone have suggestions to stave these off or to end them once they start?  


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    Hi Linda,

    I also get migraines.  I recently read of people having good success with celery, 3 or 4 stalks eaten or juiced.  I haven't had celery in the house in the last few days to try it out, so cannot give personal anecdotal evidence re celery. I have found that having a cup of coffee helps a great deal. I had a BP coffee this afternoon when a migraine hit and it was very effective at toning things down.


    BTW, when I told her about the BPdiet, my dietician was positive and told me that it is essentially the diet recommended for children with epilepsy, as it has a brain calming effect.  Since I get a LOT of migraines, I'm all in favour of brain calming!



  • Hi Jackie

    I do make myself a migraine smoothie with celery, cucumber, pineapple and lemon which does help some.  But mostly I have to wait them out.  I am not getting those low grade headaches at all any longer, so that is good thing.  The ones that hit when the pressure changes really suck the life out of me, and not being able to keep food down IF I can even eat means that the days after the migraine is gone are less productive.   I hope someone can help me figure out a way to counter this.  My daughter and son both get them, too.  There HAS to be a hack this. 

  • Well, I'm in another bout of these.  The headache actually woke me up.  It is such a sharp pain.  My doctor is suggesting we try Botox to control them.  I'm not sure about putting Botox in my body, but at this point I am about to say yes.  The pain is very specifically located and I can point right to it.  Suggestions? Thoughts?  What is so weird is that I'm either on top of the world energy-wise, brain-wise, like a real BP woman should be.  Then these headaches hit and I'm cold, so tired and my head is killing me.  Oh, and my sense of smell increases a LOT.  Help, please. 

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