Hypertension And Atrial Fibrillation

Hi folks, would you mind sharing your experiences with hypertension and atrial fibrillation?

I have both, have been on medication for years. Verapamil, hydrochlothiazids, ace-blockers, statins and pradaxa.

Following an anti-autoimmune paleo diet, i managed to ditch them all, accept the hypertension medication. I replaced the verapamil with ginger, because it works better without the side effects to prevent fibrillation episodes. Still, it's not 100%. A lengthy episode of afib leaves me exhausted for weeks, haven't hacked this yet. Taking good quality ubiquinol, cinnamon, magnesia and crataegus in addition to ginger. Avoiding fish oils now, for reasons outlined on www.raypeat.com. He has some very interesting thoughts about the regenerative possibilities of Mead acid. Mead acid is the PUFA our body makes in absence of other PUFA's. In children the concentrations in some tissues are high. Danny Roddy, author of Hair like a fox, applied some of these ideas and managed to regrow his hair.

I try the Bp diet now, because weight loss has stopped with the paleo approach.

Interested in the effects of Bp on the sympathetic nervous system. My fibrillations are triggered by hypertension as well as vagal dominance.


  • Hi, Maureen22 - I'm new to keto and fairly new with A-fib. Boy does it wipe me out, too! I'm afraid to drink the bulletproof coffee because I'm naturally "fast," and even decaf has always wired me with a really hard crash when I finally come down off it. My cardiologist said, "NO Caffeine!"
    So I'm wondering what all you discovered...it almost sounds like you've got to do the BP coffee to really do keto, so it's got me curious about what I'll be missing out on without it. I naturally don't wake up in a fog, I'm already clear and ready to hit the floor running, unless I'm in A-Fib or have been having an episode that went all thru the night, too.

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