Hrv And Lf/hf Power Readings At Different Times Of The Day

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I have 2 questions about HRV, and would like to hear other's experiences on the matter. I use the sweatbeatlife app and a polar H7 chest band to measure my HRV.


1) I thought that measuring your HRV first thing on waking up is the best time to do it. When I do this, my reading is almost always very bad, and my LF/HF ratio is extremely high, 5x-15x, and my stress reading is always 5. If I measure before going to bed, my reading is quite variable, but usually a lot better, and I frequently see a LF/HF reading of around 0.8x-1.5x, and a stress reading of 1-3, and a much higher HRV score and much higher power frequency in general. How worried should I be about this very high stress reading in the morning? Does it suggest that my cortisol is astronomically high in the morning? How much of a bad thing is that if its low in the evenings? 


2)  I seem to get much lower HRV scores with Sweetbeatlife (iphone app) than with Elite HRV (android app). So I have continued using the app with lower scores to be conservative. Anyone else experienced similar discrepancy between apps? I frequently get around 70 HRV on sweatbeatlife and 85-90 on Elite HRV when measuring them straight after one another.









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    It does not necessarily mean you have anything wring with cortisol but it seems like you are stressed in the morning. MY HRV tends to be higher as well when I measure it after Inner Balance Training. Cortisol is allays normally highest in the morning which is good and gives you energy to wake up. It doesn't really matter because HRV undergoes daily fluctuation and is influenced by many different things. which is why you should measure it always at the same time right after waking up without any interferences prior to that. This will help you figure out your baseline and then you can see trends over time. So if it is lo and you are stressed every morning there might be a stress issue...



    Different Apps different calculations for HRV....



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  • I would expect my HRV to change depending on time of day. Circadian rhythms to say nothing of behavior.


    Is your morning HRV consistent (in addition to be consistently lower than evening)? If not, are you making any changes to your day based on your readings?


    By that I mean: when your HRV has dropped, do you at least take it easier on the exercise (if not avoid all intense exercise) for the day?


    IMO the most important metric (more important than being in the right percentile group of people with optimal HRV scores or having your scores be equally high no matter what time of day it is) is your score relative to previous scores measured with the same conditions each time. On a moving average timeline, are you getting better HRV and stress numbers or worse?

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    I will echo the other comments above. Your HRV will vary over the course of the day.  The best time to check is as soon as you wake up and then monitor the day to day variations. SweetBeat and SweetBeatLife are two good apps which can help you track the trend.  In comparison, the HeartMath Inner Balance app is not measuring HRV directly so is geared more toward increasing your resiliency to stress. 


    Good luck.




  • Hi,

    I have started with Elite HRV (Android) and Polar H7. My Elite HRV (power?) reading was 37 and was low yesterday (41), too. The RMSSD this morning was really only 11.30, while lying relaxed in bed !


    I have blood pressure readings like 113/67 (e.g. shortly after a Yoga workout), overall fitness level is good - I do moderate strength training and a bit of running (5k no problem). Healthy diet (no sugar), bulletproof coffee drinker (filtered, I add TMG against homocysteine). No illnesses or injuries for years, no allergies. I had an excellent night of sleep (recorded 4x REM phases and deep sleep last night). Job's the main fuel for stress, but it could be worse.


    As I said, I am new to HRV but aren't these values concerning? 

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