Missing Hot Coffee

Anyone have tips for achieving a HOT, frothy blended cup of bpc? 


I use a French press pot to brew my coffee, and while that's working I melt my butter on the stove in a glass submerged in the pot I used to boil the water.  When that is melted, I blend in a blender with BO oil and coffee.  By the time I get the mixture into a mug, it's lukewarm. 


On previous occasions have tried preheating all my mugs and blender with boiling water.  It was better than lukewarm, but definitely not HOT.  I love hot coffee.


This morning I had the idea to put the mug BACK in the water pot, cover, and walk away for a while.  This achieved the heat factor I was looking for, but the nice foamy head was gone...melted back into the mixture. 


Wisdom? Tips?





  • I just reheat shortly in the microwave. I know that Dave is against microwave, but have not found a single reference about associated health risks, apart from radiation leaking from old gear. 15 seconds for a mug suffices, no trouble with taste.
  • I do the I only mix a part of my coffee with the butter/mct, then pour the rest of my hot coffee over that.  The foam still comes to the top.  But, like mentioned above, I will reheat mine in the microwave or in a pan over the stove.  I dislike cold coffee, too, but it happens when I get distracted and let it sit too long.  However, most of the time my way works fine. 

  • I know exactly what you mean about lukewarm coffee.  I too, like a nice hot cup of coffee, one that I can't just chug down without burning myself.  Right now, I am alternating between a french press and an Aeropress.  What I do is pour about half or 2/3 of the water fresh off the stove onto the coffee and then put the kettle back on the stove on low and let the water simmer while the coffee brews.  Once the coffee is done, I extract it into my mug, add the boiling water off of the stove, then toss it in the blender.  Voila!  Hot coffee!

  • two ways:

    fill your mug with boiling water for a couple minutes then pour it out before you put the coffee/butter in

    or put your whole mug into a 150-200 degree oven for a few minutes when it's too cold.

    I use a battery powered stick blender to keep it mixed - ikea and amazon sell them for like five bucks each 

  • Thanks everyone!  Today I kept half of the brewed coffee back in a glass measuring cup in the still-scalding hot water.  I kept topping off the lukewarm blended frothy coffee with the VERY hot coffee from the pot.  That helped.  I will also check out the mini mixers.

  • So I made my first cup of bulletproof coffe this morning and it was HOT!  I used my magic bullet the small container.  I used my Keurig and warm up my coffee cup and the container from the blender.  The coffee comes out quite hot with Keurig.  I put the coffee with oil and butter and whipped it.  Made a great foam and the coffee was very HOT.  I hope this helps.  It worked really well.


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