Using Delta Waves Via Ces To Increase Immune Response?

I wonder if anyone can advise me please? I have developed a weakened immunity and am struggling to fight off chronic respiratory and kidney infections with antibiotics. As well as using immune response stimulating supplements I am interested in using delta waves via a CES device to increase my immunity. I have an alpha stim, and am wondering if it may be worthwhile trading it for an Oasis Pro, for the delta setting. Can a really significant improvement in immune response be achieved with delta waves? Any information is much appreciated


  • i have ces device but for what you looking for i would try this  and it is way cheaper 


    I have ces ultra and I use different intensity ever time I use and i have measure my brain activity after I used it is always the same more theta and alpha

    there is many audio entrainment for delta brainwave online i would use one together with your CES device I have mind work sation i can create a file for you with your specification  and send it on mp3 format for free if you like

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