Looking For A 100% Grass-Fed Butter In Midwest

I remember reading on these forums about a year ago that KerryGold butter is no longer 100% grassfed like it used to be...apparently they changed to partially grain-feeding their cows.  (please forgive me if this info is not totally accurate...like i said it's been about a year since i read this info).    So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a 100% grassfed (unsalted) butter available in the midwest USA area, specifically the Chicagoland metropolitan area.   My local stores include WholeFoods, TraderJoes, Fruitful Yield to name the most popular.   Or i guess i'd be willing to order bulk online if the cost(including shipping) is reasonable.      


Thanx in advance for all responses & advice !



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    Kerrygold uses grains only during the winter months as I understand it. It makes up as much as 3% of their diet. For me, at least, that isn't a big deal. Other members have given it up completely.


    This thread may be of some assistance to you. In it, a few forumers discuss the possibility that, in places with winter, like the Midwest, you'll be hard-pressed to find dairy cows NOT fed a bit of grain. There are other alternatives mentioned there as well. Hope that helps!

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