Mycotoxin Free Coconut Oil?

Can anyone recommend a guaranteed mycotoxin free brand of coconut oil.  We recently increased the amount of coconut oil that we use for food purposes.  I noticed that my kids started getting sick all the time around the same time.  I don't know if its connected  but one possible link that I'd like to exclude is mycotoxins in coconut oil.  The current brands we've tried are Dr. Bronner's and Artisana.


Thanks ahead of time for your help and knowledge.


  • Coconut oil can cause a powerful herx, and needs to be refrigerated because it's prone to mycotoxins.

    Maybe your kids are sick with a virus they already had, because the coconut oil, especially the lauric acid, is killing it.

    Not sure about brand, but try decreasing the dose in favor of something less volatile like butter or avocados. If they do get better, get them tested for viruses.
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