Toxic Mold Exposure

I've recently become keen to the idea that I may be getting sick from mold in my home environment, but my family isn't sick as I am. Am I of the theoretical "25%"? What are some telltale signs that I might be?

I don't think I do because I've never taken cholestyramine, but did one grapefruit/olive oil flush some time ago. This gets me thinking, would ox bile help?

Any input is helpful.


  • Do this test

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  • You can have a mycotoxin panel done which screens your urine for mycotoxins, it is expensive though, around $900 including the consultation with the doc who performs the test.

    What makes you believe this is your issue? Is there mold present in your home that you are aware of? If so, you can send a tape sample of it to be tested and see what kind it is. 

    For me, John Brisson, a member here has been very helpful in my situation. What symptoms are you having? For me, unrelenting fatigue is most notable. 

    Hope you are able to figure this out! Best of luck.

  • Please search the forum for other threads.


    I also suggest you buy Shoemakers most recent book, Surviving Mold. While he isn't the be-all and end-all in mold, it's one of the most comprehensive summaries of the current mold research info located in one place.

  • yes.  dr. shoemaker's site and youtube videos , watch interviews of dr shoemaker with different people will help you catch up this topic fast.  

  • Damien, 

    I have a question regarding the VCS test.  the instructions say to have the eyes 36 inches away from the screen, has this always been the recommended amount for all the tests?  I could have sworn it was 12 inches away the first time i did the test but noticed it said 36 inches today. my arms are barely long enough to touch my computer to actually perform the test. Also, do you know if it is OK to just shut one eye or do we actually need to put some kind of patch over one eye. It's easier for me with my glasses just to shut one eye. 


    well, my score went down from 88% to 85% since January. Could just be I did worse because I was farther away from the screen.  although, I have been feeling worse lately on diflucan (having a herx reaction I believe).  Or could be because I increased my hours at work and I'm exposed to mold there. 

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