Constipation + BP Diet.

Anyone else having constipation problems on the BP Diet?

Anyone have any recommendations or solutions? Fiber sources?


  • What would you typically eat, and the proportions?

    Usually I don't have constipation problems. I eat ~1/4lb of meat, ~2/3lb of vegetables and tubers, ~3Tbs fats on each of the two afternoon meals, and about ~5Tbs of fat for breakfast. And I drink about 5 cups of water. With that I also have magnesium citrate, digestive enzymes (except for one of the meals), and a probiotic cap.
  • Have 2-3 tablespoons mct oil on an empty stomach. Wait about 30 minutes very close to a bathroom. It will get you there pretty fast, believe me. If it doesn't work, then try 2mct + 2 coconut oil. Or add to that 2teaspoons natural calm magnesium citrate. It will get you there, so fast it will rock your day, and your bathroom.

    Enjoy that simple recipe, but always start with the less possible and increase if needed because it can be an explosive experience.


    Clownfish ;)
  • I agree... Just about any healthy fat will help... I have not found fiber to do much but increase volume, or create loose stool. I have found "virgin" coconut oil in excess of 2 tbsp at one will cause you to go faster. On another forum, a person basically stated that youeat your animals for quality, and veggies for quantity.
  • I have the opposite problem on the Bulletproof Diet -- really mushy stools. I'm still trying to figure out if it's because of the whey protein isolate I'm using.
  • Senna tea will surely do the trick also.

    Maybe someone else can speak to it's healthiness, but boy oh boy, I can attest to it's effectiveness (I'll leave it at that).
  • Try 1/4 - 1 teaspoon of high quality salt in a glass of water - that does the trick image/icon_e_wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';-)' />
  • I have a similar problem:

    I oscillate between constipation and diarrhea since I eliminated all grains two months ago and adhere strictly to the BP diet. Usually I have two days of constipation and then one day of about four times per day bowel action, towards the end very watery. Not sure what to do about it, it's a little odd.

    Lately I also have some slight discomfort in my large intestine, first I thought it was appendicitis, but the symptoms don't really match, as I don't have a stomach ache or pain upon pressure on the appendix area. A scan also yielded no sign of appendicitis. Perhaps the colon works extra hard to eliminate old fecal matter due to decades of grain consumption, or the immune system (with the appendix) adjusts to metabolizing fat instead of carbs...

    If anyone is experiencing similar issues or has any answers, I'm curious to hear about them.
  • Frank, have you tried implementing a really good probiotic into your regimine to restore the friendly bacteria in your gut? Also, it sounds like it might be worthwhile to try a few days of L-Glutamine to get your tract back on track. Perhaps there's some old damage that needs to be repaired in your digestive system.
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