Upgraded Ground Coffee

Anyone here tried it? I always thought fresh ground was superior, but this latest email really hypes this stuff up. Apparently it isn't selling well, and I wouldn't usually consider ground coffee but that is a pretty decent discount...


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    edited January 2015

    I haven't tried the Upgraded ground, but back when I was drinking Dean's Beans and before I had a grinder I'd buy it ground, and it was very good. I think it's fine so long as you don't plan on getting a 5lb bag and breaking it up for freezing. Use it immediately, or freeze it in the original bag (with tape over the outgas valve) and it's good stuff. I consider myself fairly coffee snobbish, and honestly I don't think I could tell a difference vs fresh ground unless it was a side by side comparison or if the ground stuff had sat around for a while. The nitrogen charge in the bags should go a long way in terms of quality too. 


    They don't specify the grind, so it's probably for drip coffee (medium grind.) Maybe not great for french press (coarse grind) or espresso or turkish (fine grind, finer grind.) 


    If there are forum members who have been holding out on trying Upgraded beans due to cost, this is a great opportunity to find out if you're mycotoxin sensitive. 

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