How To Hack A Standardized Test For A Dyslexic?

Hello all,

(This is my first post so I'm unfamiliar with the posting etiquite around here fyi)

I am about to graduate physical therapy school and to obtain a license I have to take an exam. This exam is a classic standardized test. I have always done poorly on standardized tests, are there any supplements/strategies that would be advantageous to help do well on this test?

Testing Parameters:

-250 questions (all multiple choice)

-5 hours

-questions in 50 question blocks

-15 minute break after first 100 questions

-no food or liquid during the test

cliff notes on myself:

-I've always been a 'show up and get Bs student' or a 'apply myself and get As student.'

-I've always been a natural at hands on or visual learning and always scored near below average when it came to standardized test (all of them, from grade school through grad school.)

-Assumed I was just a 'bad reader' until learning more about the learning process. I now understand that is not necessarily the case. 

-Never even considered dyslexia until I realized i didnt even know what it was, learned about, turns out I have dyslexic characteristics (adult diagnosis, so hard to call it anything else as far as I'm aware)


-fairly 'bulletproof'


-eat clean, sleep lots

- in general I have optimized every area of lifestyle choice regarding food/ exercise/ rest (B.S. in Exercise Physiology), so my question is soley about 'smart supplements' which I have NEVER even played around with. I am a total noob in this area.

Final question: Based on the information I have provided, are there any supplements that can help me perform better on a test that is in this type of format? If so what do you reccommend and why? Any other dyslexic people out there have any strategies/study habits??

TLDR: I'm dyslexic and terrible at standardized test, but I have to take a really important one soon. Are there any smart supplements that can enhance my performance in regard to reading comprehension, working memory, recall, etc?

Thank you in advance for any input :)



  • I have the exactly the same thing and I have been trying to improve with many different tools but no much of successes so far I have seen my brain in the eeg machine and i have been told this before people with dyslexia have less activity on left side of the brain and in did it is true..


    I haven't been successful with neurofeedback not yet because i find hard using the software and the hole thing so at moment I am investing in the brainwave technology using mindspa and Mind Work Station I want to make a series on youtube for other to see my eeg results before and after using every specific audio files and the mindspa goggles ..but i will tell you one thing i find the isochronics tones on beta more left side very beneficial in fact I do feel different but you need to use every day for better results my mindspa broken so i am receiving a new one and soon i get it i will do it properly and share with others my experience .i can share a with you the file that i created 40 minutes playing 2 hz more for the left side all the way up to 20hz left and 18 right side   ..

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    I read this book on speed reading and very surprisingly, at the end of the book he makes a mention that dyslexics may benefit their comprehension with speed reading. A point made elsewhere in the book was that by increasing your intake of words per minute you can more closely match your speed of thought and comprehension will go up. It may be worth a look.



    Another thing I've heard is the Irlen lenses may be useful for dyslexics as well.


    Lastly, check out some memory techniques like the memory palace/loci method. I've used that to study for an exam and years later I can still remember everything I memorised. Its a little eery :-D If you combine this with the study methods outlined in the 4-Hour Chef, you should be able to remember a lot more of what you study.

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    There is a little info here on the forum about this that may help:

    If you decided to go down that route than your feedback would be awesome as right now we really only have Dave as a user that has posted anything beneficial from wearing some Irlen tinted glasses.

    To answer your question about smart supplements as a quick hack.....improving focus is one thing that you can do and improving memory recall is another but to cure dyslexia from the use of a supplement sounds a little beyond their scope provided. We could be wrong and that is a great question to ask on your first post Nesta. 

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, lots of info I wasn't even considering, thanks!

    -I own the 4-hour chef so I will look into implementing the study methods mentioned there.

    -The exam is computer-based, I think I forgot to mention that originally. -not sure if that changes anything in terms of the recommendations.


    -I'm definitely not trying to 'cure' anything, moreso just get any edge I can. Lets say my reading speed is not going to be faster than 215 wpm with great comprehension. When reading test questions I sometimes read out loud like a 5 year old just to make sure I'm reading what I'm reading. I've taken a test prep course that simulates the test format and parameters and they told us on average we have 72 seconds per question. During the test simulation with a timer on the screen (only 60s per question), I was able to read the question over a few times and come to my answer. Also, the test prep course advised against speed reading techniques because the details of the questions are so important (ive never looked into it though so I dont agree or disagree).


    I guess my biggest concern is the ability to maintain that focus and reading endurance for 5 hours and 250 questions. Considering I've studied all that I can, improved my reading all that I can, eat/sleep/move as optimally as I can reagarding cognitive function, I want to add a supplement(s) to compliment all the other strategies I've incorporated to enhance focus/mental endurance/ cognitive function. I definitely want to try some neutropics, just not sure where to start. I would even consider talking to my doctor about 'add-for-all' (adderall) just to get through this exam.



    Just for lolz: they're super strict about this test, like they check your pockets and stuff, no food/drink, not even water!

    I had a day dream scenario about this: worries about exam --> does everything possible to optimize performance --> gets high score --> investigated for cheating :\. (which has happened in the past regarding a high score!)


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