Rapid Fat Loss Protocol - Starts Today



  • Hi, Kim!!!!

    I, too, have been absent a while. Work + life. 

    in an effort not to repeat myself (see my reply to Christy) - I think you are living your life, Kim!  We get sick, we have bridal showers, we struggle to get back on the freaking wagon.  (I need a new idiom - the wagon thing isn't working for me anymore!)

    Sounds like you are doing a great job of working your way back.  You can do it !!!!  You did it before, and you'll do it again!


    That is so great about your arthritis conclusions!!!!  how cool is that?  It is all connected, isn't it ????


    Yup, done beating myself up.  That clearly didn't work, and I didn't get rid of it fast enough, but that's okay --

    You DO deserve happiness, no matter what!  When I fall into the old patterns, I always ask myself, "would I treat my dear friends this way?"  NO.  So be sure to treat yourself as well as (or better) than you treat your friends.  You're a courageous, beautiful woman, working hard to make life good and healthy for yourself.  GREAT JOB!!!!  One day at a time -


    Be well, my friend --- keep up the excellent work!



    Hi Lisa and Friends!


    I'm Jasmine and I hope you are doing well...I just wanted to say that I am starting BP RFLP today (well, for *real* this time) and I was going to start a separate topic but I read through this entire thread and you and the other girls have been so supportive and lovely that this thread feels like a support group so I thought I'd start posting here. 


    You have been **super inspirational** to me and I hope to follow in your footseps (and I *reaaaalllyy* hope this doesn't seem like I'm hijacking this thread, please let me know if so and I'll restart somewhere else).


    I'm very shy about my weight issues, not even normally a 'poster' but it seemed to really help you and your process so I'm trying that now as well.


    ******I also hope that anyone else who is BP RFLP'ing might take the leap like I did and post something and say HI!!!!********* :)


    My Status: (Trying to keep this short as possible!)


    • 4'10'' ; 35; (no kids);  165-170 lbs --> so I've got a decent amount to lose, but I'm not going by weight, or 'before pics', rather clothes sizes (I can't imagine weighing myself right now)
    • On and off BP dieter - ('Off' is when I food reward myself with various unhealthy takeout)
    • Did a few days of alternating BP IF and BP RFLP about a month ago then fell into a pit of greasy takeout for the past month or so (my clothes are telling me this is the biggest I've ever been :sad: :sad: :sad: )
    • Not new to fasting - done juice/smoothies, BP Fasting, etc.
    • Have all the supps except Glutothione.
    • Already Drink BP Coffee for a while


    ??Questions?? (I'm not super worried about all these, just curious, important ones I starred)


    1. **I bought a few packs of Dave's Lipos. Glutathione for my previous tries. No issues with the taste but too expensive. I saw some alternatives but I went back through the threads and now I can't find the reccomentdations. I can order, but wouldn't mind going to GNC either
    3. **'UnBuffered Vitamin C' - I have TONS of leftover Vitamin C's from various colds, can I use these before moving to the 'UnBuffered' version?
    5. **I have Brain Octane and have been using it in my BP Coffee (regardless of whether I'm RFLP'ing or not)
    6. I notice no difference with the Brain Octane - I use ~ 1tsp in coffee right now, but I also add Coconut Oil and *that* seems to give more energy when I use it in my BP Coffee.
    7. I'm about out of the Octane, should I buy more and continue to use, skip it, use another one of the MCT OIls?
    9. **Has anyone experienced skin issues on this protocal (aside from initial detox-type breakouts)? I have psoariasis and don't want it to get worse
    11. Is there a benefit to using ghee over butter?
    13. Does your HIm. Salt dissolve in water??! It drives me nuts, just floats to the bottom of the glass (And I LIKE the salty water!)

     So much for my 'short intro post'...sorry!!! (I might babble more and log the first few days and then my lapse...idk)


    happy trails to all!



  • RFLP DAY 1,2,3


    I meant to check in daily, but, well, life happens.


    DAY 1 - Totally fine

    DAY 2 - Good until around dinner time when I got hungry. Ate a couple tbspns of butter. I was still hungry but in a manageable way.

    DAY 3 - Woke up medium hungry which pretty much never happens to me whether I'm BP'ing or not.


    Took all morning requirements and BP coffee. Got less hungry for a couple hours but then around 1PM just started feeling super tired and back achey and neck achey and all over achey. Clearly detox symptoms.


    I took some L-Glutamine and BCAA's which usually give me a bit of energy but not today so I cranked up my AC, put on a sweatshirt and bundled up on the couch and worked - as much as I could with my brain being so tired. I know, I know, waste of energy but sometimes it's just so comfy to melt into furniture and be all bundled up. (Also continued to drink pink salt water)


    Now it's a few hours later and I am RAVENOUS!! I don't even remember the last time I was so hungry! I'm going to try to stick with the protocol, eat some butter even though it's pretty early, have some tea and see if I can do it.



    Oh, and WEIGHT LOSS, totally forgot, what I'm doing this for...feeling kind of bloated today but I'm not very worried about that and it's possible that it's just how fat I am right now. Ugghhhhh.


    happy trails!




  • Hi. I have enjoyed reading this thread. Is there anyone still here?! I'm day 4 RDLP.
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    I only want to say, for those of you hating the Glutathione, I finally went to my local health food store and purchased clear capsules to inject the gel into every morning; then I can just take it like a pill.  The taste was so bad for me, I was ready to skip days, which I didn't want to do.  So the capsules work well.


    Can I also add..... I added liposomal vitamin c to my diet for better absorption.  Glutathione also comes in a liposomal gel; a little more expensive than BP.  But the difference is... instead of 100mg per serving, it is 450mg per serving.  Same vile smell and taste, but I float it in water and gulp it down fast.  Not too terrible.

  • Hi justmyopinion. Great to have a reply on this thread. How long have been on rflp? Is it going well for you?
  • I think I may be the only one, but I don't think the glutathione is that bad.

    I have some questions about rflp. What can we eat other than butter, coconut oil, and mct oil? Can we eat or drink anything as long as it has no carbs or protein?
  • Hi!!


    Not sure if anyone is following this thread. Im giving the RFLP a short try even though I hear its not very popular. I will be modifying for example I might refeed after 3-4 days instead of 6. Also I am planning to have a little bone broth in the evening if Im too hungry. Taking all the supplements to the T.


    My stats: 41, gained about 10 lbs in the last 6 months. I am not very patient therefore hoping this will help me  jumpstart my weightless.


    Today is day 1 and so far so good :)

  • Day 2, woke up feeling great, slept well. Had my coffee and boom disaster pants!! I didn't have this yesterday, and wondering if this is normal.


    FYI IM not new to drinking bulletproof coffee but my first time doing a RFLP. The only thing I added on day 1 was one cup of bone broth around 8pm with some butter was too hungry. Anyone else doing this now? I can use an accountability partner ;)


    and if anyone has updates on their RFLP in the past Im very curious.


    Have a beautiful day :)

  • Hi Cruiser,

    Did you had supplement which Dave mentioned of RFLP?
  • Day 3, day 2 went well bit hungry in the evening so I had 3 tbs butter, I didn't sleep very well. I know Im not supposed to weigh myself for at least another few days but I did and no loss or gain. I find that Im getting used to not eating and the hunger is getting more manageable. 

    We have some construction going on at home and I find myself a bit stressed about it so I started taking an adrenal support supplement, hope that doesn't interfere, anyone have experience with that?


    Thank you!

  • Day 4


    Well I don't know if anyone is reading this but I'll update anyways.


    I hadn't lost any weight yesterday and today I weighed myself and to my shock I was 3.5 lbs down. I think its mostly water weight at this point and its a good start. It is giving me some hope because I don't have a lot of weight to lose (about 10-12 lbs) and having past hormonal issues and adrenal fatigue (Ive dealt with all of that through nutrition and supplementation), I wasn't sure if this would work for me.


    Last night I was uber hungry and had 5 Tbs of butter!! Sleep was a bit better last night, still woke up around 2am but tried going back to sleep.

    I am planning to do refeed on Sunday, day 6. 



  • I'm following. Thank you for posting.
  • Day 5


    I am down another 1.5 lbs so 5 lbs in 4 days!! Again its most likely water weight and the real fatness is probably a couple of lbs or so by tomorrow.

    I have great energy and clarity in the mornings, get a bit tired closer to 1pm but the 1pm coffee helps. This morning I had so much energy I started doing tons of house work cleaning everywhere etc. Im planning to do this until 2nd refeed, tomorrow is my first refeed on the 6th day. 


    I slept way better last night. I am following the protocol exactly as Dave has recommended and taking all the supplements, and added a few of my own:


    probiotics before bed time, digestive enzyme with the coffee, and an adrenal support supplement with my first coffee that contains ashwaganda, rhodiola and a few others just as prevention.


    I have not experienced any of the headache or nausea symptoms I was warned of, just some fatigue but that could be due to my already clean eating (organic, grassfed meat, GF, dairy free) lifestyle except when I eat out of course which is not often and solely for purpose of socializing.


    One thing that Im grateful for in the past few days, I feel I am reseting how my brain processes hunger and what my threshold is and proving to myself that I can do this, so if nothing, just reseting the whole system has been amazing so far, and I really think my stomach has shrunk!!


    I am looking forward to eating some solid food tomorrow even though I know Ill fill up fast but I know I'll enjoy every bite of steak, sweet potatoes, rice and my beloved broccoli


    Ok off to shopping at whole foods now.

  • Day 7


    For practical reasons ( construction at home and use of kitchen) I made day 6 a refeed day, which was yesterday. I was very hungry the night before but I woke up not having too much appetite. Breakfast: boiled sweet potato, 2 scrambled eggs, some cherry tomatoes and a small avocado, I made a grassfed rib eye, a pot of rice and some sweet potato cubes fried ( I know not very bulletproof ;), and had it for the rest of the day, I think I had half of the steak, one more sweet potato and 2 cups of rice. I also had some dark chocolate. My carbs are somewhere around 200 grams. I didn't feel good eating all that food, and I forced myself to have the dinner because it was recommended on other threads. It also made me think which is worse, feeling hungry or feeling too full?


    Today I start the second week.


    Weightloss before the refeed was 5 lbs in 5 days. I have gained 2.5 today which was expected. I also started my menstrual cycle yesterday which always adds some fun water weight so in a few days Id be interested to see how the numbers look, but looking in the mirror I see some difference already. 


    Cheers and happy Monday!!

  • Day 9


    I am on the second week, 3rd day of fasting. Its been taking me a while to get back into ketosis after my refeed. It could be due to my insulin sensitivity or menstrual cycle or both.


    Weight wise Im still 1lb up after the refeed (total down 4 lbs ), I did my body fat last night and was 2.5% down and muscle mass was 2.5% up!!


    The fasting is getting easier, the coffee is getting old! I used to love BPC but now its meh...


    I have enough energy to workout and try to not expend too much energy as suggested, did a light bike yesterday with a few laps swimming and 10 mins sauna. Also played ping pong on another day.


    I am planning on fasting for another 3 days (total 6) and refeeding on day 7. Apart from the weightloss I feel like Im doing my cells good by ketosis and cleaning them out as Dave puts it.

  • Day 10


    I worked out last night and I think it was a big mistake, I needed up feeling very light headed later in the evening, had some bone broth and a bunch of butter, woke up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, I think I was also transitioning back into ketosis this time it took me almost 3 days, no added weigh loss, although my family tells me they can see the difference. So far total lost 4.5 lbs.





  • I had to end my fast last night, had rapid heart beat and difficulty breathing.


    I was so close to ending the second week and especially most of the weightless happens in the last couple of days, it took me like 3 days to get back into ketosis after my refeed day, but I didn't feel well and no amount of weightloss or experimenting is worth putting my health at risk. Has anyone else experienced this? tightness in chest and difficulty breathing? Would like to hear about it if you have heard of this..


    Anyways so far Ive lost 6.5 lbs. Overall a good start and I can do the last 3-4 lbs just by regular low carb IF.

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    I had to end my fast last night, had rapid heart beat and difficulty breathing.

    How did you end your fast,

    & how long afterwards did it take for the above symptoms to normalise.

    fake it till you make it

  • I just had some white rice and 2 eggs and some avocado. Im still experiencing symptoms today but less. I don't think this is related to the fast, I will go to a cardiologist if i keep having them.

  • Not sure if anyone is reading this, but I'm starting the RFLP tomorrow. Have almost 30-40kgs (almost 80lbs) to permanently release. Interested to see how my body reacts to this.

  • @Skinny_A83 said:
    Not sure if anyone is reading this, but I'm starting the RFLP tomorrow. Have almost 30-40kgs (almost 80lbs) to permanently release. Interested to see how my body reacts to this.

    I'm interested to see how it goes for you. Maybe start a new thread, since this one's so long already?

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