Bulletproof Programmers

Hey guys, a junior programmer reporting for duty. I just wanted to know if there were any developers on the forum who wanted to maybe discuss how life has been being a programmer, and being bulletproof. I have been bulletproof for about three months, and have noticed that I have been a lot more creative in the morning, even before my bpc. I am usually awake at 230 am- 300am. I'm pretty young still, just a meager 23. But I've been working two jobs, sadly not in the field I want to be in, and was losing Faith in my way if life. Now that I am bulletproof, or atleast starting my journey to be bulletproof, do any developers have any suggestions for a junior programmer looking to get his foot in the door? All people of any profession is still free to reflect on this, if you feel you are relevant. Cheers!
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