Cucumber Relish

I made taco salad for dinner last night and wanted more veggies in it.  So I took equal amounts of cucumber, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and the juice of 1/2 a lime and about 1T parsley and minced them in my food processor.  I added it to the taco salad along with the spicy meat, avocado, and salsa all on a bed of romaine.  The cucumber relish added such a cool, crunchy, lime infused contrast to the spicy meat.  It was wonderful and so simple.  My husband used the leftover relish to garnish his lunch for work.  New favorite.


Thought I'd share.  I've been playing in the kitchen a lot lately and having a blast.  My husband is loving it, too.  



Yes, everything in  the recipe was organic and grass fed.



  • I used this for the BP Taco Salad recipe.  Only change was that I omitted the broccoli.  Mainly because it says that broccoli should be lightly cooked and I didn't feel like cooking any. 


    Good quick recipe....I'm keeping this one on hand for sure!  Thanks Linda!

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