Starting Bulletproof - Morning Coffee With Or Without Protein ?

Hi, I am just about to start Bulletproof diet (the first 2 weeks) Should I start by adding the collagen protein to my bulletproof coffee in the morning ? or better to start with standard bulletproof coffee recipe and see how I feel? - if I should start without protein added how much time I should give my body to adjust?


I am 28 and 56kg.  Do not need to lose much weight ( about 2-3 kilos) and  am aiming to build more muscle (mainly stomach) - nothing too athletic but toned with visible muscle ( doing body pump class once a week + weider 6 crunches daily).


Also in the first two weeks should I start using supplements like krill oil, vitamin D and Magnesium and Ciltep, or add them afterwards?


I was already eating 75% Paleo for a while now so by body should not experience major shock. 






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