What Are Your Favorite Workout Routines?

Hey All,


I am looking more into No Fail Fat Burning for Women and was wondering what the best workouts for women are on this plan? What are YOUR favorite routines?


GO!!! :)




  • What is No Fail Fat Burning for Women?

  • No Fail Fat Burning for Women is Skye St John's tweaks of the bulletproof diet.  She tweaks the protocols for women.  It's pretty awesome!!! http://www.amazon.com/Fail-Fat-Burning-For-Women/dp/1500222801


    As far as workouts, I saw one online that I liked, but tweaked it to fit me.  I have stairs in my house so will hold my 10 pound weights and walk quickly up and down the stairs for 45 secs to a  minute, then plank for about 30 seconds, then stairs, then wall sits, then stairs, then crunches. . . you get the idea.  It varies to what I do in between.   On weekends when we are out and about (we like to do day trips into the mountains or coast) I will walk, but we take some pretty amazing trails. 

  • Linda, sounds good! How long do your workouts usually last? Do you go for about 20 minutes or so?

  • I try to go for 20 minutes straight, but some days I have to do it in batches.  I've been suffering from allergies the last couple of weeks (Boooo for ragweed) so my energy is being used to breathe and sneeze.  LOL!  

  • Ugh I know the feeling! I get crazy allergies to the point it makes me entire body itch!


    Just did my workout yesterday... I highly recommend the Sworkit app! It lets you set the amount of time you want to work out, and it's all body weight HIIT. It shows your how to perform the moves as you go, let's you know what is coming next, and the timer is right in front of you. The coolest part is you get points for completing your workout, and you can choose to submit them for a chance to win a gift card or donate them (they somehow convert it to money) to your charity of choice. Pretty good motivator!

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