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Dunno how many of you saw this, however it popped up in my Facebook newsfeed the other day. Dave wrote up a short post about hacking your breakfast and the Facebook comments were (unsurprisingly) ridiculous.


Anyone else see this?


"Bullshit", "Fad diet", "I ain't buying no one's special coffee", "Yeah, but Joe Rogan said--"


Hell, I can't even share something on my FB wall about the Bulletproof Diet without people PMing me or commenting about how Dave's a snakeoil salesman.

"I know how to despise mere cool intelligence. What I want is intelligence matched by pure, physical existence, like a statue." --Yukio Mishima


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  • I hadn't seen this until you posted it, but I also get the same reaction from most people saying he is crazy or something along those lines. I just ignore and move on, knowing how good I feel.
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