Hypnic Jerks

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Does anyone have any solutions for hypnic jerks? It's those kicks that sometimes happen just as we're falling asleep. Most people get them now and then and it's not a problem, but my husband gets them every night and for as long as an hour (every 15-20 seconds), which is messing with our otherwise very sweet bedtime and cutting into sleep for both of us.

They started during a very stressful time for him but now seem to be the norm, stress or no :(


  • The typical treatment is benzodiazepine, but I would not recommend going that route.  I would start with meditation - particularly something that resembles Heart Math techniques.  A nightly gratitude list might help too.  If all else fails, try 500mg of tryptophan mixed with Upgraded Collagen, and/or GabaWave.

  • Thank you, Jason! Usually by the time he's falling asleep, he's pretty relaxed and happy, and the jerking happens even if he's totally blissed out - so it just doesn't seem to line up with what I'm reading about the stress/anxiety connection (except for the start of them a few years ago, which definitely seemed stress-related). Anyway, I'll read him your suggestions and go from there. Many thanks -

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