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Hello, I'm 23 and my basic exercise protocol during the week is composed by one gym session following the body by science "big five" compounds, plus specific exercises with weights for abs, biceps, triceps and calves, following the same principles (one series till muscular failure, super slow and intense). 


After three days I go for an HIIT sprinting protocol, like the one described in The Bulletproof Diet Book (30 sec of sprinting alternate with 90 sec of walking for 20 minutes). 


During the rest days, if I don't experience muscle soreness, I do like 5 pull-ups every hour. I know that I should incorporate at least 40 mins of low intensity walking per day to this regimen, and I'm working on it. 


About supplements: in order to maximize muscle gains, I'd like to take 1,4g of Acetyl-l-Carnitine along with Bulletproof Coffee 2 to 4 hours prior to the gym session; 5g of BCAA's and 5g of Creatine Monohydrate 15 mins prior to the gym session; 5g of BCAA's during the gym session and 25g of pure isolated whey protein  97% post workout. Same thing on the HIIT day. I'm also considering to take Creatine on daily basis (4 weeks on and 4 weeks off), along with Bulletproof Coffee and Acetyl-l-carnitine.


Is this stack safe? I heard about CLA also (which is found in butter in safe amounts) for the shredding purpose, but I read that it leads to insuline resistance and high tryglicerids if taken as as supplement. Then i read about TTA (http://examine.com/supplements/Tetradecyl+Thioacetic+Acid/), which appears to be safer than CLA. Is it worth of supplementing it? Does it work synergically with ketosis? 


About the diet: I usually do protein fasting along with carb refeed the day prior to the first workout session of the week. 


During non-resting days I have breakfast with Bulletproof Coffee; lunch at 14:00 with 30g of proteins from whole foods(beef, pork, etc.), vegetables and fats till satiety; dinner at 19:00/20:00 with at least 40g of proteins from whole foods(beef, pork etc.), 100/150g of pumpkin or sweet potatoes; vegetables and fats till satiety. 


During resting days I usually do a pure form of IF by having a black espresso coffe for breakfast, then i break the IF when I'm starting to feel the hunger (around 15:00/17:00) with coconut, dark chocolate 90% and a tablespoon of MCT oil, or with some bacon, olives eggs and MCT oil. Then I have a big dinner at 19:30 with at least 40g of proteins from whole foods (beef, pork etc), plus vegetables and fats till satiety.


About myself: 


My height is 163 cm.

My weight is 61,5 kg.

My measures are: waist 75 cm, hips 84 cm, neck 36,5 cm, wrist 17 cm. 


Web calculator says that my BF should be around 11%, but I don't have a well defined six pack yet (so sad, lol). 


Thank you in advance for your feedbacks and sorry for my english. 


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    Do you have any specific goals? reading your post it seems like you are trying to get smaller even though you are 61kg (134lbs). Supplements are not the issue at this bodyweight, food and training is.


    I'm trying to reach a good shaped physique with low level of BF by doing the minimum effort and keeping the organism healthy. I'm not trying to get smaller. When I began to follow the Bulletproof Diet I was 58 kg with a lot of brain fog and almost the same measures (waist, hips etc.), so I'm definitely getting good results. I'd like to enhance the process by supporting the diet and the exercise regimen with good supplements in a decent way.

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