Dr. Kahn's Podcast With Dave

I listened to Dave's podcast Heart Health #193 and was very impressed that doctor Kahn was on board with supplementation and life style changes to help those who have had a cardiac episode or who want to live "clean".  I researched more about Dr. Kahn and listened to one of his podcasts about whether butter is really good or not.  The information out there is so confusing!!!!  I've been doing the bulletproof diet for a year now and I feel great, never bloated, lost inches etc.  My blood testing which I check every 3 to 6 months show a high cholesterol level (but I have always had elevated levels whether i was vegan or vegetarian).  That's my nature.  My numbers are going up with total cholesterol of now 354 (ouch)  LDL 268, HDL 68, Triglycerides 89 but I was told that hormonal changes can actually increase your numbers.


I wanted to know whether it's enough to test your homoscystein, c-reative protein, fibrinogen and VAP testing to ensure your not at risk for cardiac events.  All my numbers are perfect.  He spoke about having the scan for calcification detection.  


I'm a bit bothered about all this because everyone can debunk any information out there but he says that we don't have enough long term studies that show what a high fat diet is appropriate. 


Any suggestions, comments help?




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