Xylitol Takes Me Out Of Ketosis

I have been bulletproof for almost a year now and it has absolutely changed my life for the better in a million ways. I don't drink coffee so I have been doing BP Tea for the past year with the Cocoa Nibs from Upgraded with Cocoa Butter, Kerry Gold and MCT and I love it. When the BP Diet book came out I saw his recipe for Vanilla Latte which is basically Hot Water, Upgraded Vanilla, Xylitol, MCT and Butter. I add Cocoa butter as well. 


Anyways in December I got down to 182 (I am 6'1") and as a former 250lber I was stoked but was entering into my last 10lbs phrase. I switched to the Vanilla Latte recipe in the morning cause I tried it and it tasted delicious and I wanted some variation but fast forward to End of Jan. and I am 191 and haven't lost any fat and while I have gained some muscle I noticeably look a little more plump. I maintained a strict diet even during Christmas. 


Anyways I had stopped using ketone sticks to track my Ketosis and what foods got me out or in months ago as I had it dialed. So I decided to track and sure enough Xylitol is taking me clear out of ketosis. I made tea yesterday without it and was cranking (Red light on my Ketonix) and I made the tea this morning with Xylitol and I never got a lick of ketones. I went and surfed for two hours on nothing but the tea and was so fatigued as my body was trying to use glucose when it had none. 


Anyways I am going to add some blood testing too along with Ketonix but it is the only major change I have made diet wise and I have not only noticed the plateau but a lot of fatigue during workouts and surfing, where normally I perform awesome in Ketosis. 


I know that Kiefer has said that if you used to be big and had a lot of fat to lose, and you have even low calorie/low glycemic sweeteners it can trigger an insulin response as your body is used to tasting sweet and then spiking up. 


Has anyone had this happen to them too? 


Going to do the tea sans xylitol tomorrow and then with xylitol later in the afternoon while in confirmed ketosis and see if it takes me out. 



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    Seems to happen to some people. Xylithol has some carbs.... Try Erythritol or Stevia. Maybe that works.

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    Xylitol is carb that has been chemically modified (therfor the name SUGAR-alcohol). But once in the body it is transormed back to the original carb.

    I see people all the time that fails with low carb diets because of intake of sugar alcohols. Many man made low carb products contain sugar alcohols insted of regular sugar because it fools people (and sometimes the regulations also).

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  • So is there a Bulletproof, non-sugar alcohol way of sweetening/ cutting the bitterness of the coffee?

  • So is there a Bulletproof, non-sugar alcohol way of sweetening/ cutting the bitterness of the coffee?


    Two separate problems with non-sugar sweeteners listed in this thread, and two separate answers:


    1) A subset of people, often the formerly obese, have a hypersensitivity to perceived/tasted sweetness on the tongue, which at least releases insulin which makes ketosis difficult. It may also release sugar into the blood. These people are screwed in terms of adding sweeteners. I haven't seen a study, but they may even be able to raise insulin by smelling something sweet, looking at it, or even just concentrating on the thought of eating it. This is a Pavlovian response. Bummer for them. 


    2) As The Biochemist mentions, apparently sugar alcohols are metabolized to carbs. Obviously for some people they can stay in ketosis, Dave wouldn't be eating this stuff if he couldn't. For these people, stevia may work, though in very large quantities it comes with it's own problems. Could also experiment with different amounts and types of sugar alcohols.




    However my best answer is to kill your sweet tooth. Life is SO MUCH BETTER when you do this. I used to like milk chocolate, dark chocolate was just "bitter." Now I perceive milk chocolate as sickly sweet, and I can identify 85 vs. 90% dark chocolate by flavor, and find them worlds apart. Vegetables that used to just be bad now have complex and interesting flavor profiles. And on days when I don't use butter and MCT in my coffee, I love tasting all the wonderful flavors in a strong espresso. Unless you're dealing with chemicals or poison, if you only taste "bitter" it probably means you're missing out on some great flavors due to being used to sweetness. Plus, I no longer crave unhealthy sweets, and when I occasionally have them I still enjoy them, but there is an overly-sweet flavor reminder that this is not to be eaten regularly. It does take a few weeks to transition, which for me came with many cravings. 

  • Makes sense, thanks. 


    I was raised on Sweet & Low, which completely blew out my taste buds and ruined my ability to detect faint traces of sweetness.

    Stevia has always been great for me with everything except coffee. 

    Erythritol has been part of the latest step in weening myself off of ultra sweet chemicals or loads of sugar in coffee.


    I'll begin tapering down the amounts.

  • What brand of Xylitol were you using cbin?

  • I've been curious about mouthwash containing Xylitol. Since the formerly obese have some sort of super power to grab onto anything that remotely resembles sugar, I am guessing from these posts, that mouthwash with Xylitol should be suspect. I have been experimenting and personally testing with Ketostix and I believe even mouthwash should be avoided by some of us.

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    I'm surprised that the thought or taste of something sweet might be enough to increase insulin and drop out of ketosis, or that a small amount of a very low-GI sugar alcohol combined with ketogenic MCT is enough to drop out of ketosis.

    I was under the impression that ketones are related to oxaloacetate levels and not so much insulin (where carbs + proteins increase oxaloacetate, lowering ketones.) MCT should produce ketones regardless of insulin secretion or carb ingestion.

    Erythritol has a glycemic index of 1 and offers the same dental benefits as Xylitol. Very little if any is metabolized to sugar. It seems like this would be a safe alternative. I would imagine that nuts or broccoli would have more bioavailable carbs than erythritol as far as reducing ketones.

    While testing my own ketones, I find that at upwards of 100 grams of net carbs, I'm still reaching 0.4 to 0.5mmol of BHB. A teaspoon of xylitol is like... barely 3 that act more as fiber than sugar.

  • Ketones are regulated both by intracellular and external (hormones) mechanism. AcAc is mainly regulated by ratio of carb/fat in the cell. However, the next step, conversation to BHB is inhibited by insulin. In fact, by messure the time lag between AcAc formation and BHB you get a messure of insulin sensitivity.

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  • I usually bake with 50 refined suger (bad I know) and 35%xylitol and 15%stevia. Tastes pretty good. Atleast a compromise.
    Using 100% sweeteners when baking was not good at all yuck :/

  • I too am discovering that xylitol must be keeping me out of ketosis. I couldn't figure out why I was not losing and even gaining a little. I noticed my desire to increase the xylitol amount with the coffee. I felt way different today when I omitted sweetener today. I felt clearer, a little more energy. It finally occurred to me to look up the glycemic index of Xylitol and check if others had a non ketosis effect with it. I wish I had thought of it sooner.I think I'll try to lose the sweet tooth entirely! I realize now that every body is different in what it handles. I am excited to see if I can lose this extra 10 lbs that creeped on. I am pretty strict with my diet, so this is a relief to find out! Good luck to all of you bio hackers out there! See you at the conference!

  • Hey i wanted to shout out as i searched for posts with xylitol and ketosis. I have been leto for about 6 months. I have done keto before. I have always used erythitol and or monkfruit for my coffee in the morning. I accidentally bought xylitol 2 days ago. I put that crap in my coffee and it knocked me clean out of ketosis. Now mind you i am fat adapted. I literally cheated for the first time a week agao and ate a brownie and i didn't go out of ketosis. So idk what is in xylitol that my body doesn't agree with but ill tell ya this, stay away from it. I am so mad. Im taking it back to Walmart! Good luck to you! Happy Ketoing!

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