Timing Of Mct Usage

Ive been reading for the answer to this question and couldnt find it.  My apologies if its already been discussed.


I have an issue with exercise intolerance.  I believe its caused by an inability to convert the bodies fat to energy as quickly as necessary.  So my goal is during my 30 minute aerobic activity to have as little of my bodies fat used as possible.


Ive just started using MCT oil as an energy substitute.   It seems to be helping but im wondering what the ideal timing is to maximize its use during my exercise.  


I have seen a lot of people mention their pre-workout supplement use between 20 and 30 minutes before the workout.  Do you think that would apply to the MCT for my purposes?   I have looked all over the net for info on how quickly MCT is available for for energy once ingested and how long it stays available but havent really found anything.   If I take it in the morning would it still be available for a workout 5 hours later?


Thanks for any help you might be able to give


  • Unfortunately I can't help you with just MCT, but I have been experimenting with 100g rice (White, washed a bunch) with MCT added before workouts. I haven't been able to find the perfect time, but it definitely helps.

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    i would experiment with taking the MCT actually when feel you need it during exercise. 

    or take just as you start you workout if you feel you need something before you start (& also take thru out your w/o as needed).


    I notice mct 'gel' packs/sachets are starting to come on to the market now. i've seen some labelled as keto gel or keto mct oil...etc. 

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