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Book Description

Publication Date: February 5, 2015

Does a High Carb Diet Make You Fat, Hungry, and Lazy?

The answer may surprise you, but the science says no! The truth is that people can be healthy and lean eating a huge variety of diets. This should tell you that the answer to better health and fat loss isn’t found in cutting one specific macronutrient from your diet, like many low-carb gurus would have you believe. So then why has the Paleo diet gotten so much attention lately? Surely some of the claims about carbs, sugar, and insulin must be true, right? 

Does being a “Fat Burner” Give you Incredible Energy and Melt Off Bodyfat?

Low-carbers would have you believe that all of our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate low-carb diets and that being a “fat burner” (instead of a “sugar burner”) leads to all sorts of magical effects like, boundless energy, superhuman athletic performance, better health--all while it melts off your bodyfat almost overnight. Yet, there’s simply no evidence that low-carb diets were standard fare for our hunter-gatherer ancestors--there are countless tribes who ate huge amounts of carbohydrates and were perfectly lean and healthy. The studies are clear that in general, athletes on low-carb diets perform worse, not better. And there is a huge difference between being a “fat burner” and actually burning off your bodyfat. (They aren’t the same thing, so don’t get confused and be scammed out of your money by falling for this gimmick!). In reality, the science shows all of these claims around being a “fat burner” to be nothing more than a bunch of pseudoscientific myths. 

Move Beyond the Battle of the Macronutrients…

…and into the new era of health and fat loss! In The Low Carb Myth by Ari Whitten and Dr. Wade Smith, MD, you’ll learn the truth about low-carb diets and what you really need to be doing to lose weight, look great, and be healthy. You’ll learn… 

• The secret that’s really driving the obesity epidemic (it’s not carbs OR fat) 

• The secret that’s really driving the diabetes epidemic—it’s not sugar or carbs! 

• How to break free of carb myths and pseudoscience, and eat carbs again! 

• The secret factors that really control your fat loss destiny (No, it's not the carb to fat ratio of your diet) 

• How to finally have better health and a leaner body (without the crazy and unsustainable diets!) 

Most importantly, they will show you how to put carbs back on your plate while still slashing body fat. 

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The "secret" claims sound gimmicky, but there is one thing I completely agree about as I've experienced it myself: "there is a huge difference between being a “fat burner” and actually burning off your bodyfat".



I'm curious how they define "low carb".

It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


Is your social worker in that horse?


Success has a price, not a secret.



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